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Optimise the performance of your property portfolio

A guide to building high performance corporate property portfolios

Do some of these problems sound familiar?

  • Need to reduce your property costs but unclear how
  • A lack of visibility on property portfolio performance and unsure what to measure
  • Being forced into decisions due to lack of clarity on future commitments
  • Determining property requirements under a changing, more flexible and mobile workforce
  • Stuck in long term leases that will soon or no longer fit the business model
  • Lack of a clear long term property strategy
  • Struggle with what to outsource and the quality of those services
  • Pending or ongoing complex property projects to administer

Insights with clear practical advice

By working alongside many organisations similar to yours we've observed common patterns and forces that work against your ability to achieve optimal performance from your property portfolio.

By downloading our guide, you'll have access to some key insights and practical advice that will help you start to unlock solutions to the challenges being faced.

Some of the topics include:

  • What a property strategy looks like
  • What and how to measure performance
  • Maintaining flexibility in an inflexible market
  • What to outsource versus do yourself
  • Why residential property decision making DOES NOT apply to commercial property

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Kent Stuart

MBA, Ass Dip Valuation, API Associate, CPV Director – Grosvenor Property Advisory

About Us

Kent’s experience in the property sector spans over 30 years, working in roles as the internal property expert in the finance, banking, insurance and investment industries and now leading the Grosvenor Property Advisory Team.

As a seasoned campaigner in this field (working on both sides of the fence), Kent has a unique perspective that will genuinely provide you with practical and proven strategies to harness the opportunities for improvement buried in your property function and portfolio via improved service delivery, flexibility, cost and risk profile.

Specialising in the establishment and management of service contracts, Kent’s passion is for managing complex strategic vendor relationships and developing strategic contracting models for services contracting and outsourcing.

With extensive experience in strategic property planning and the design and implementation of organisational change in corporate real estate, Kent works with clients across Australia and South-East Asia.

Quality Thinking. Quality Outcomes.