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DIY Program Evaluation Kit

 In “Plain English”

Does program evaluation seem a bit of a mystery?
What is it and what is it for?
More importantly, how do I do it well?

While evaluating Government programs isn't a trivial undertaking, the guidance material generally available to Program Managers is overly complicated, highly academic and difficult to apply practically.

This kit was produced to give Program Managers an easy to read and understand guide. We explain the principles while walking you through an example program that demonstrates how to apply the techniques in practice


A comprehensive guide explaining:

  • Program evaluation concepts broken down into plain English terminology
  • An overview of the relevant Government legislation and frameworks that you need to be familiar with
  • Steps to successfully prepare, manage and deliver an evaluation project
  • Ongoing monitoring of program performance
  • How to communicate the findings effectively

Also includes:

  • Downloadable tools and templates to help you get started
  • Links to other online resources to build up your toolkit

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