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Procurement driven performance improvement

Cost Control & Reduction | Process Improvement | Supplier Leadership

The three keys to procurement driven cost reduction and performance improvement

Key 1 – How managing suppliers more like staff delivers better supplier performance

Payments to suppliers typically exceed staff costs so why do we treat them so different? We’ll reveal a whole new supplier management perspective.

Key 2 – The 4 spend levers

Paying less is only one lever at your disposal. See how to leverage the others.

Key 3 – Becoming a team of influence

Automate low value activities and focus on becoming an internal trusted advisor delivering highly visible and valued outcomes back to the organisation.

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A game changing guide for modern procurement professionals


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Research based practical and actionable insights

This is not just theory, from our research of more than 250 Australian organisations we know that turning the ship around to better source and manage suppliers leads to an increase in performance of 29 percent!

Dr Stefan Gassner

Dr Stefan Gassner

PhD (Business), MIntBus, MBus/MEcon, MCIPS

About the Author

Stefan is a driven procurement leader with ten years’ experience in supply chain, procurement and commercial management, including internationally.

Leading Grosvenor’s Procurement Practice, Stefan loves delivering tangible results and has worked for more then 70 of the biggest organisation in Australia to transform their procurement functions, deliver high stakes sourcing projects and implement performance management processes.

During his PhD, Stefan developed a framework to support the decision as to what services should be kept inhouse and which ones are best outsourced, which has been published as a book in Germany. A visible expert, Stefan is regularly engaged to present at procurement conferences and seminars and regularly contributes to thought leadership pieces.

Stefan loves a challenge and clients value his communication skills, stakeholder engagement and evidence-based approach to consulting.

Quality Thinking. Quality Outcomes.