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Specialist management consulting for property occupiers

A Functional Assessment Framework: For property, corporate real esate, faciliaites and asset management. 

Transform an average performing property function into a high performing operation.

The scope of what a property function undertake
can vary significantly based on the nature of
the portfolio and how much of the scope is
managed centrally versus what is managed at the
business unit level.

This assessment framework is designed for
organisations who occupy property and can be
used to assess accommodation, facilities, asset
management or corporate real estate functions.


So, what's inside? 

Downloading this guide will not only give you insight into your property function, but will also help you identify symptoms of larger problems that may be impacting your function. 

Ensure you have all aspects of this operating and functional model assessed together to enhance: 

  • Client Engagement 
  • Organisational Structure
  • People and Capabilities 
  • Financial Management 
  • Strategy Design and Execution
  • Process and Procedures 
  • Service Delivery Model 
  • Data and Systems 

Get the most out of your property function, get your copy today. 

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Kent Stuart, Director Grosvenor Property Advisory

Kent Stuart

MBA, Ass Dip Valuation, API Associate, CPV Director – Grosvenor Property Advisory

About Us

Kent’s experience in the property sector spans over 30 years, working in roles as the internal property expert in the finance, banking, insurance and investment industries and now leading the Grosvenor Property Advisory Team.

As a seasoned campaigner in this field (working on both sides of the fence), Kent has a unique perspective that will genuinely provide you with practical and proven strategies to harness the opportunities for improvement buried in your property function and portfolio via improved service delivery, flexibility, cost and risk profile.

Specialising in the establishment and management of service contracts, Kent’s passion is for managing complex strategic vendor relationships and developing strategic contracting models for services contracting and outsourcing.

With extensive experience in strategic property planning and the design and implementation of organisational change in corporate real estate, Kent works with clients across Australia and South-East Asia.

Quality Thinking. Quality Outcomes.