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From Crisis Management To Rapid Recovery Masterclass

A six part online series for the Public Sector

Online | Tuesday 13 July - Tuesday 17 August 2021

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Course overview:

The global pandemic forced all levels of government to adapt and implement policy at a pace never seen before. In this crisis, rapid emergency response has sheltered the economy, protected as many jobs as possible and saved lives.

Researchers are telling us this latest pandemic is just the tip of the iceberg; one of many crises likely to arise over the years ahead. The good news is, our ability to adapt and overcome in this current situation provides many rich lessons for how we can prepare, respond and move to rapid recovery in any future crisis.

From Crisis Management to Rapid Recovery Masterclass is a virtual, 6-part training series that will give you the skills to adapt to the fluid public sector environment so that your team and department can manage productively in any crisis. You will learn how to manage through each phase of crisis management and drive rapid recovery within your team and department.

Complementary advice and assistance in applying the learnings from each session within your own workplace is also provided as part of this masterclass series.

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Meet your facilitator

Charitee Davies, Associate Director, Grosvenor Public Sector Advisory

Charitee brings 25 years of experience in a wide range of leadership and management disciplines, including leading the response to large scale national and international crises, carrying responsibility for incident and emergency management, and community recovery.

During a career that has spanned the portfolios of Human Services, Social Services, Foreign Affairs and Trade, Home Affairs, Environment, Parliamentary Services, and Industry, Science and Innovation, Charitee has engaged with diverse stakeholder groups demonstrating her ability to discern nuanced understandings of government, departments and community groups.

Key takeaways:


Effective management and leadership through each phase of crisis to recovery


Ensure team productivity & effectiveness throughout and after a crisis


Monitor and manage team focus and resilience


Become an active driver in planning and design of your rapid recovery process


Keep pace with change associated with new government measures


Keep all stakeholders engaged - throughout the current crisis & beyond

Agenda at a glance:

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Module 1: Phases of Crisis Management and Rapid Recovery

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Module 2: Responding to Crisis and Enacting Emergency Management

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Module 3: Mobilisation for the Medium- Long Term Response

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Module 4: Establishing Interim Stability and Improvement

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Module 5: Recovery Planning and Projections

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Module 6: Recovery, Lessons and the Longer-Term Response


 $1,950 ex GST

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