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Procurement driven performance improvement

Cost Control & Reduction | Process Improvement | Supplier Leadership

A game changing guide to supplier performance management

The secret is out!

Businesses rely on suppliers to function. Without suppliers they cannot service their customers - just as much as they couldn’t without their staff.

And yet, the way we source and manage suppliers is light years behind how we select and lead our staff. Why is that? How does this impact your ability to cut cost and to drive innovation and performance from your supply base?

Are we unwittingly driven by an embedded and outdated master / servant relationship model that has long been eradicated from the employer / employee relationship?

Businesses spend small fortunes on staff performance and motivation, there are thousands of books written on the subject by a myriad of authors from various backgrounds, the great business leaders are heralded as great leaders of people.

Yet with our suppliers we leave their motivation to perform to themselves and at worse, threaten or actually punish them financially for under-performing.

We don’t develop suppliers based on their strengths and weaknesses.

More often than not we don’t manage them at all.

From our research of more than 250 Australian organisations we know that turning the ship around to better source and manage suppliers leads to an increase in performance of 29 percent!


What's Inside?

In this guide we turn the world of procurement on its head, challenge the status quo and share our insights for dramatic supplier performance improvement.

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Dr Stefan Gassner

PhD (Business), MIntBus, MBus/MEcon, MCIPS

About Us

Dr Stefan Gassner is the Managing Director of Grosvenor and is proud to lead a team of passionate experts who are motivated to make a positive and measurable impact within the industries and communities they work in.

An expert in procurement with a PhD in Operations Management and Procurement, Stefan conducts annual research into the state of Australia’s procurement and is regularly engaged to present at procurement events.

Stefan loves a challenge and delivering tangible results. He has worked for more than 80 of the biggest organisations in Australia, both private and public sectors, to transform their procurement functions, deliver high stakes sourcing projects and implement performance management processes.

Quality Thinking. Quality Outcomes.